Akchour – the most rewarding hike in Morocco

Akchour is in the heart of the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco. This picturesque natural attraction is located near the town of Chefchaouen (30 kilometers, around 45 minutes by car) and offers breathtaking landscapes.

Natural pools and waterfalls in Akchour

The main highlight of Akchour is its stunning series of waterfalls and crystal-clear pools that form along the cascading river. These pools are perfect for a refreshing dip or to go for a swim! You have the choice to hike to the high waterfalls, which will take around 2.5 hours, or to go to the God’s Bridge – a stone bridge formation, which will take around 1.5 hours.

Pool with crystal-clear water
Small waterfalls in Akchour

Hiking to the high waterfall

To reach the high waterfall, you must hike a trail that brings you through the mountains and valleys. The journey itself is an adventure, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. You should wear comfortable shoes, carry sufficient water and snacks, and be prepared for moderate physical activity. Along the way, you will still find sellers offering drinks and snacks. Also, upon reaching the high waterfalls, you will find a restaurant selling drinks and tagines.

Note that at different times of the year, the waterfalls may have more or less water running down, but still, it is a beautiful rock formation that is worth the hike to the end!

Tagine by the water
Ducks in Akchour
Rock formation of the high waterfall

Accommodation and Accessibility

There are several accommodations and nice guesthouses around Akchour. Some are located directly in the small village Akchour, some others are located a little bit outside of Akchour along the way. You can reach the waterfalls by car or taxi. Once you arrive at the parking lot, walk to the left where there are restaurants. After that, you must cross the bridge for the hike to the high waterfalls. You will pass some more stores until you reach the first part with natural pools and restaurants. After that, just follow the way. Inside the forest, you will find arrows guiding you the right way.

In conclusion,

it can be said that you will not regret a trip to Akchour for its beauty. The only regret will be the muscle pain in the days after – which will still be worth it!

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