Beni Mellal – Tasty Food and Beautiful City View

Beni Mellal is a city with a population of about 200,000 people. It is in the inside of the country. About halfway between Marrakesh, 200 kilometers away, and Fes, 350 kilometers away. The city is surrounded by mountains, and the predominant color of the houses is red.

Tasty Beni Mellal

The region is renowned for its cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Additionally, a significant portion of Morocco’s citrus fruits and olives come from the region. The city also has ties to Italy, as many residents of the region have migrated there. Consequently, some good Italian restaurants can be found in the city.

Street Beni Mellal
Way with mountains in Beni Mellal
Beni Mellal
Red houses

Kasbah of Beni Mellal

A few hundred meters from the city center, atop a hill, lies the Kasbah of Beni Mellal, also known as Kasbah Ras El Ain. It is a small fortress that offers a fantastic view over the entire city and its surroundings.

View from Kasbah over city
View from Kasbah
Kasbah Beni Mellal
View over Beni Mellal
View over Beni Mellal

Ain Asserdoun

The best way to reach the Kasbah is either directly by car or by going to Ain Asserdoun and walking up. Ain Asserdoun is a delightful city park with a fountain. The term “Asserdoun” originates from the Amazigh language and means “Mule,” while “Ain” translates to “Source.”

Ain Asserdoun from above
View from above over Ain Asserdoun
Ain Asserdoun and Kasbah
Ain Asserdoun parc with Kasbah
Fountain Ain Asserdoun
Fountain Ain Asserdoun

In conclusion,

The city is a nice stopover for many destinations. Either on the way to/from Fes and Marrakesh but also on the way south to Bin El Ouidane (Read more about it here). Even though there might not be a lot to see in the city. To go to Ain Asserdoun and the Kasbah is a nice experience with a stunning view of the whole region.

Walking cat in Ain Asserdoun
Cat in Ain Asserdoun
Sheeps in Ain Asserdoun
Sheeps in Ain Asserdoun

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