Moulay Bousselham – Get To Know The Authentic Hidden Gem

Moulay Bousselham is a non-touristic city located halfway between Rabat and Tangier. It is a small town with only about 15,000 inhabitants. However, in summer, the number can insignificantly increase. This is because it is a popular area for Moroccans to spend their summer vacations.

The appealing aspect of Moulay Bousselham is the availability of affordable, charming accommodations right by the ocean. Many houses have stairs directly to the beach, providing the opportunity to witness breathtaking sunsets. But even besides the sunsets, it is just lovely to watch the Atlantic. Its strong waves splashing the small rocks in the front. Also, hearing the sound of the waves and the seagulls and smelling the fresh air with no one around you.

Sunset Moulay Bousselham
Sunset from the accomodation
Accomodation Moulay Bousselham
View from the accomodation

Make a boat trip on Merja Zerga

But not only can you enjoy the beach in Moulay Bousselham. You can also take a boat trip on the lagoon Merja Zerga. Watch birds, particularly flamingos, which can be seen from afar with a spectacular view. Simply head to the small port in Moulay Bousselham. There, you will find people speaking to you, ready to take you on that boat trip.

Boat Moulay Bousselham
Boat on the lagoon

To watch birds in their natural habitat is super interesting and definitely recommended for everyone – not only bird lovers. And who knows, maybe going on that boat trip in Moulay Bousselham will make you a bird lover from now on?

The lagoon is not only the home of hundreds of birds but also the working place for many people of the city. People go there to collect worms to sell them to fishermen all over Morocco.

Moulay Bousselham
View from the boat
Moulay Bousselham
Walking bird
Moulay Bousselham
People collecting worms
Moulay Bousselham
Flamingos in the back

Enjoy food by the beach

Once you get enough of watching birds you can be brought back either to the port or can be dropped by the beach. If you feel hungry you can go to the restaurant by the beach and enjoy a pizza, noodles or fresh fish.

Moulay Bousselham itself has authentic Moroccan charm, which might not be everyone’s taste. However, to spend some time in an accommodation by the beach makes it worth it and a must for every nature enthusiast. The town is the exact right spot for everyone looking for a nice weekend getaway from the city to recharge the batteries. The hidden gem of Morocco awaits you!

Buildings Moulay Bousselham
Moulay Bousselham from the water
Buildings Moulay Bousselham
Moulay Bousselham
Dog Moulay Bousselham
Dog by the beach
Ocean waves
Wild waves

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