Faro – discover the unique capital of the Algarve

Faro is a charming, small city in southern Portugal, situated in the Algarve region. The population in 2021 was approximately 677,000 inhabitants. The city center is with beautiful stone-patterned floors. Faro features delightful stores offering unique Portuguese products, such as ceramics and other items with typical Portuguese patterns.

Faro City street
City center
Faro Pottery
Portugese ceramics

Walk through the city center of Faro

The heart of the city is the Marina with its Heart-Faro sign. Just 400 meters from the Marina, you will find the Cathedral of Faro, also known as Igreja de Santa Maria. On the way to the Cathedral, you will pass the Arco da Vila, a historic landmark of Faro.

Faro Heart
Faro Heart
Faro Marina
Marina Faro
Arco de Vila
Faro Cathedral
Cathedral Igreja de Santa Maria

Visit Faro’s Cathedral

From the outside, the Cathedral may look unspectacular, but it is definitely recommended to go inside! The interior is beautiful with all its architectural details. The entry fee also includes access to a museum, a bone chapel, and the bell tower. Although the climb up the tower can be a bit tricky due to the narrow staircase, it is definitely worth it as you will have a beautiful view over the entire city!

Inside the Cathedral
Faro Cathedral
Small rooms inside the Cathedral

Discover the region by boat

Just 90 meters from the Cathedral is the ferry terminal where you will find different boat operators. There are also benches where you can sit and have a look at the water. A train track is located directly next to the water here!

Boat Terminal with train track
In conclusion,

Faro’s charm lies not just in its stone-patterned streets and unique shops but also in its hidden treasures like the Cathedral. The Cathedral’s unassuming exterior offers a stunning interior. Additonally, offering panoramic views from its bell tower. Nearby, the ferry terminal provides a way to explore the region by boat. Whether admiring the city from above or cruising along the water, Faro invites you to uncover its rich history and picturesque surroundings!


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