Mehdia – A beautiful Weekend Escape near Rabat

Mehdia is a popular seaside resort, close to Kenitra and about 55 kilometers away from the capital city Rabat. The beach of Mehdia stretches for several kilometers, offering fine sand and clear waters. The beach is also favored by surfers, as the waves provide good conditions for the sport.

I heart Mehdia
I love Mehdia
Mehdia Camerls by the beach
Pony and camels by the beach

Kasbah of Mehdia

The historical Kasbah, an ancient fortress perched on a hill, overlooks the beach. The Kasbah dates back to the 17th century and provides an impressive view of the surrounding area. Nearby the Kasbah, there is also a small harbor where fishing boats dock.


There is a variety of accommodations available, including hotels and vacation rentals, along the coast. Additionally, there is a large resort with an AquaParc situated directly by the beach, offering water-based entertainment and activities.

Amusement Park by the Beach

There is also an amusement park called „Parc de yeux,“ providing a range of attractions and entertainment options for all ages.

Mehdia Fun park
Parc de yeux
Mehdia fun park
Amusement parc
Food Options

Moreover, there is a highly regarded restaurant named Merzouga, which offers a diverse menu featuring fresh fish and vegetarian options, among other delicious dishes. But also, other cafes and restaurants alongside the coastline of Mehdia are worth a try. Or simply just enjoy a „Beignet“ (Donut with sugar coat) by the beach!

Mehdia Donut
"Beignet" by the beach

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