Malta – three days itinerary for this beautiful mediteranean island

Your arrival to Malta

Your itinerary in Malta will most likely start at the airport, unless you took the ferry from Sicily to Malta. From the airport, you can take the bus to the capital city Valletta, which is 8.5 kilometers away. But also to other cities. There are several bus lines driving from the airport and back. Just check on Google Maps which line will bring you to your desired destination. You can pay the ticket on the bus or get yourself a bus card in the airport building, which makes sense to discover the island. The whole country is only connected via buses, but they are very reliable and super convenient.

First day of your Malta itinerary

A good starting point for your trip to Malta is definitely Valletta because all buses and boats are departing from there. There are also other cities next to Valletta that can offer cheaper accommodation but still keep you close to Valletta. For your first day, you should definitely have a look at Valletta. To read more about Valletta, you can click here.

Three islands

Malta consists of three islands. The main island is where the airport and the capital city Valletta are located. Then there is Gozo and Comino. Comino is a very small island. So if you have only three days, it is advisable to look at Gozo instead. You can take the Gozo fast ferry from Valletta to Gozo, which will take around 45 minutes. Unfortunately, you cannot sit outside on this ferry. Everyone will be seated inside, and the windows to look outside are not super clear.

Second day of your Malta itinerary

In Gozo, you can take the bus again to discover the island. You should go to Gozo’s capital Victoria, called Rabat in the past. It has a lovely small charming city center. Do not miss to visit the Citadella! These are the remains of a hilltop with some museums as well. Also, you will have a lovely overview over the island. The Cathedral of the Assumption is located there as well. It is church from the 1700 build over a Roman temple. The entry to the Citadel is for free, unless you want to go inside the museums.

Victoria Gozo Malta
Victoria City Center Gozo
Gozo City Malta
Victoria Gozo
Citadel ruins Gozo Malta
Look over Gozo island
Look over island from Citadel
Ramla Beach in Gozo

You should visit Ramla Beach on Gozo. It is a lovely small sandy beach. The color of the sand is deep orange, which makes it so beautiful! You can rent chairs and umbrellas there. Also, there is a restaurant and snacks, as well as ice cream and slushies. It is easily accessible by bus. The whole island is full of prickly pears. You will also find stores selling prickly pears juice and jam. Also, Gozo sea salt is sold over the whole country. After your time in Gozo, you can take the ferry back to the main island.

Ramla Beach Gozo Malta
Ramla Beach Gozo
Prickly Pears juice Sign Malta Gozo
Prickly Pear Juice Sign
Third day of your Malta itinerary

For your last day in Malta, you can choose from several destinations. You could visit the small island Comino. Or you could go discover more of the main island. Popeye Village is a famous theme park located on the main island. It is a film set of the 1980s musical Popeye. Other than that, you could discover small towns and beaches around Valletta. For example, St. Julian’s or St. Paul’s Bay. It is up to you to choose what you would enjoy the most! All in all, Malta is a beautiful country and definitely worth a short trip or a longer vacation.

St Julian's Bay Malta
St. Julian's Bay

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