Rabat – one day in the amazing capital city of morocco

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and has about 580,000 inhabitants (2014). The city is situated by the Atlantic Ocean and next to the Bou Regreg River. Besides, the city shares its landscape with the city of Salé on the opposite riverbank. With a mild climate featuring warm, dry summers and mild winters, Rabat is a year-round destination.

The city is served by Rabat-Sale Airport, with the most convenient transportation to the city center being a taxi. The costs will be approximately 200dh (~18€). If you wish to explore other cities, the train offers efficient connections. For example, a high-speed route from Rabat- Agdal to Tangier or other connections to cities like Mohammedia, Fes, Casablanca, and Marrakesh.

Rabat old city
Old City
Rabat old city
Passage in Old City

Starting your day discovering Rabat’s old city

Rabat is the most modern city in Morocco. Nevertheless, it has a nice old city where you can buy all types of Moroccan products. The old city of Rabat may not be as ancient as in other cities but has its own charm.

Next to the old city is the Kasbah of the Oudayas, offering a fantastic view over the ocean and the river. This historic site dates back to the 12th century. Originally,it was built to protect the city from pirates.

The Andalusian Garden is a free garden with exotic plants, flowers, and fruit trees. It will allow you to enjoy some nature within the city. Inside the garden is the National Museum of Adornments, displaying clothes and jewelry.

From the Kasbah of the Oudayas, you can walk down to the beach. In case you are looking for some activity, you will find surf schools there. But if you only want to go for a nice walk – it is your chance now. Therefore, this passage is the ideal spot for a beautiful walk.

Rabat view from Kasbah Oudayas
View from Kasbah de Oudayas
Rabat Light tower

Coastal walk from the beach in Rabat to L’ocean

From the beach, you can have a wonderful coastal walk up to the distinct called L’ocean. On your way, you will pass the light tower of Rabat. There will also be many nice passages giving you a panoramic view over the ocean. You can see the waves splashing towards the rocks, seagulls flying, and feel the ocean breeze. If it is very windy, you can even feel some soft water drops on your face. Some passages will allow you to get closer to the cliff and sit on the natural formatted rocks there.

Also situated on this coastal walk is the National Museum of Photography. It can be seen from far because of the canons displayed by the entrance.

Rabat Sunset L'ocean
Sunset in L'ocean
Rabat L'ocean
View from L'ocean

Additional activities for your stay in Rabat

Your day will already be very busy with all these activities. In case you are looking for more, you can go to the Jardin Zoologique de Rabat. It is a zoo with 130 species in simulated mountain, desert, savanna, and rainforest habitats. Other than that, there are some more museums in Rabat. The Archaeological Museum – Museum of History and Civilizations. Furthermore, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts. For those interested in dolls, there is the Exposition poupées du monde. And for some more special museums, there is the Maroc Telecom Museum and the Bank Al Maghrib Museum.

Rabat Sunset L'ocean

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