Rijeka – A beautiful Coastal City With Charm In Croatia

Rijeka is a coastal city located on the Kvarner Bay in the Adriatic Sea, with a population of about 109,000 people (2021). It is easily accessible by public transportation, as the train station and bus station are located within walking distance of the city center.

Rijeka’s city center is not very big, but it has everything you need. The coast is only 2.5 km away from the city center, easily reachable via bus or foot.

Rijeka Port
Rjeka Harbour
Sunset by the harbour

City divided in two parts

The city Rijeka is divided into two parts. By a large bridge, that can be crossed, the other side of the city can be reached. That is where you can see the ocean and find the beaches. One of the things that make Rijeka lovable is its numerous bays. As you walk along the streets, you’ll find access points to these bays and small beaches every few meters. During the off-season, many of these places are empty and can be enjoyed alone. With fantastic views and crystal-clear blue and green waters. Just breathtaking!

Rijeka Ocean
Way to a Bay in Rijeka
Rijeka Ocean
Colorful water
Rijeka Ocean
Empty beach
Rijeka Ocean
Sun reflecting in water

Shopping in Rijeka

Also on the “beach side” is the shopping center. It is easily accessible and also open on Sundays. There is also a supermarket to get groceries on Sundays because in the main part of the city everything is closed.

Rjeka City
River and city in Rijeka
Rijeka Ocean
View from the water to the city

Croatian chocolate

A lesser-known but incredibly delicious Croatian chocolate is “Dorina”. Here is an interesting fact about Croatian chocolate: Did you know that the first rice chocolate was invented in Croatia? It was created at the end of the 19th century by the company “Zvečevo” under the name “Mikado”.

Croatia Chocolate
Croatian chocolate Dorina

In conclusion,

Rijeka has it all! A cute little city, a harbor with beautiful sunsets, lovely beaches, beautiful bays, crystal-clear blue ocean water, and tasty chocolate!

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