Taxis in Morocco – not only colorful but widely used

petit taxi

Taxis in Morocco are not only widely used but also known for their many colors. They are a common mode of transportation for both locals and tourists. The streets are filled with taxis in different colors such as bright red, blue, green, and yellow. Taxis in Morocco come in two types: petit taxis (small taxis) and grand taxis (large taxis).

Petit taxis in Morocco

Small taxis, usually painted in a specific color which varies from city to city (could be red, blue, yellow, pink, light blue, green etc), are compact vehicles that operate within city limits and can accommodate up to three passengers. They are an affordable and convenient way to navigate urban areas. It needs to be noted that one cannot travel long distances with petit taxis.

Grand taxis 

On the other hand, grand taxis are larger vehicles, typically painted in bright yellow or white. These taxis are often shared and can transport up to six passengers. They operate on fixed routes between cities or towns, providing a relatively inexpensive option for intercity travel. Additionally, airport transportation is usually done in grand taxis. For airport transportation, the taxi is typically not shared.

Red petit taxis in Fez
Red petit taxi (here in Fes, also red in Marrakesh)
Yellow grand taxi Ouarzazate
Yellow grand taxi (here in Ouarzazate)
Light green petit taxi (Temara)
Light green petit taxi (Temara)

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