Triberg – Higest Waterfalls in the Black Forest in Germany

Triberg is a small town with a population of about 5,000 people. It is located in the middle of the German Black Forest. The town is famous for its cuckoo clocks and waterfalls.

Accessibility via the famous Schwarzwaldbahn

Triberg can be easily reached by public transportation. The “Schwarzwaldbahn” will bring you by train to this small, cute town. It is known as one of the most beautiful train routes and was built in 1873. It goes from the city of Karlsruhe to the city of Konstanz (at Lake Constance). Riding the Schwarzwaldbahn, you will have beautiful views across the Black Forest

Famous Cuckoo Clocks in Triberg

The city center is not that big, but it is charming! The most popular house there is a souvenir shop called “Haus der 1000 Uhren” or in English “House of 1000 clocks” and that is surely no lie! You will find a variety of the famous cuckoo watches there, as well as all other types of watches and all types of souvenirs from the Black Forest area.

Cuckoo clock
Cuckoo clock
Big standing cuckoo clock
Standing cukoo clock

Germany’s highest waterfalls

The highlight of Triberg is surely the waterfalls! With a height of 163 meters, they mark the highest waterfalls in Germany. Pay attention that you will have to pay an entry fee to access the waterfalls (8€ – 05/2024). Even though that might be a bit pricey, it is still worth it as you will have a wonderful hike along the waterfalls. Also, you will enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest. Sturdy footwear is absolutely recommended as the hike will go up. Watch out to see the squirrels!

Triberg Waterfalls
Triberg Waterfalls
Triberg Waterfalls in the Black Forest
Museums in Triberg

For those interested in the history and culture of the Black Forest, they can visit the “Schwarzwaldmuseum” (Black Forest Museum). Another museum is the “Triberg-Fantasy”. There, you can take funny pictures with various motifs. If you have purchased a ticket for the waterfalls, entry to this museum is free.

In conclusion,

Triberg is a wonderful destination to spend a memorable day. If you are visiting the Black Forest, make sure to include Triberg in your plans!

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