Ulm – Visit the world’s tallest beautiful church tower

Ulm is a small city located in southern Germany, located in the state of Baden-Württemberg and home to approximately 130,000 residents. The city has a charming pedestrian zone, ideal for a nice walk and to go shopping.

The city’s highlight: Ulmer Münster

However, the undeniable highlight that captures the attention of every visitor is the magnificent Ulmer Münster, i English the Ulm Minster. This architectural marvel stands tall at an impressive 161.5 meters, making it the tallest church in the world. Constructed in the Gothic style, the building’s construction began in 1377 and was finally completed in 1890.

Having exquisite stained glass windows, the interior of the Ulmer Münster is beautiful. For the adventurous at heart, a challenging of 768 stairs leads to a height of 142 meters, providing a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. While entry to the bottom of the Münster is free, there is a fee for those wishing to go up the tower.

Ulmer Münster
Ulmer Münster
Inside Ulmer Münster
Inside Ulmer Münster

Other highlights of the city

Aside from the Ulmer Münster, Ulm offers additional attractions worth exploring. A walk from the Münsterplatz leads to the picturesque “Fischerviertel” (Fishermen’s Quarter), where the renowned “Schiefes Haus” (Leaning House) stands. This half-timbered house, dating back to 1406, is surrounded by the waters of the river Blau and is notable for its charmingly architecture. A unique lodging experience awaits those intrigued by its unconventional design, as the “Schiefes Haus” also operates as a hotel whereone can sleep in one of eleven rooms.

Take a walk by the river

A must-visit location is the beautiful promenade along the Danube river (Donau). Here, visitors can enjoy walks or relax on the grass or banks. This spot is particularly popular during nice weather. Across the river, one can see Neu-Ulm, a city situated in the neighboring state of Bavaria.

In conclusion,

Ulm is a lovely city to spend an afternoon. Climbing up the Ulmer Münster or visiting the Fishermen’s Quarter. Endig the day with a lovely walk by the river. Ulm has its charme!

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